Introducing the Brand New G&P Identity and Website

March 2017

For some time, we’ve been considering refreshing the Garnett Architecture identity. In large part, this is because we felt the website needed to be updated to keep up with the many ways people now access the internet. Our previous site had served us well over the past years, but with mobile phones and touchscreen tablets becoming as common as traditional desktop, it was beginning to show its age. We needed a fresh approach.

To retire the old site and start from scratch was a challenge, but one that presented a great opportunity. It allowed us to think more introspectively and more generally about our brand, and begin to forge a new identity that we feel better reflects us and our ambitions as a practice.

After more than five months of research and hard work, we’re pleased to be able to present our brand new identity.

From the start, it was important to us for the new identity to have relevance and meaning. To ensure that it reflected the best qualities of G&P, we took a step back to consider what qualities and values really define our approach. From our discussions, it began to emerge that what we’re proudest of – and what makes our business work – is our relationships. From this realisation, we created the Partnership Symbol – a new logo that uses the plus icon as its starting point.

For us, the plus is a powerful symbol of the symbioses at the heart of our business. As a team that is greater than the sum of its parts, it represents the strength of our relationships with our colleagues. As a company whose mainstay is repeat business, the it represents the partnership between us and our clients. As a team that aims to create timelessly contemporary work, it represents the link between past experience and our vision for the future. And as a creative architectural practice, it represents the combination of style and function.

With the symbol as our starting point, the logo system began to develop. Now, we have three distinct representations of our logo which can be used in various settings – the Master Brandmark, the G&P Monogram, and the Partnership Symbol.

Our typeface, FF Mark, was chosen for its clean, contemporary personality and clear legibility. Its circular proportions pair well with our symbol, and it effortlessly combines a modern, characterful look with excellent readability. We hope this blend of style and function represents G&P’s work.

Our colour palette was also revised, swapping our old blue for a bold and invigorating yellow, used as a recognisable brand beacon throughout our updated communications. The yellow is also a way of brightening our palette of greys, which serve as a neutral base that lets our portfolio take centre stage.

With the work on the brand identity complete, we turned our attention to the website and began work at the beginning of 2017. The aim was to make it more intuitive to navigate, and optimise the experience for all users, whether on desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

To achieve this, we’ve reduced the effort required to get to many pages on the site. We’ve introduced dynamic filters to help you find relevant projects more easily; we’ve displayed more varied content on our homepage, improved the reading experience on our News section, and included a bespoke interactive map on our Contact page. Throughout the site, we’ve also placed a great emphasis on showcasing our work through beautiful, large-scale images.

We’re delighted with the results and hope you like the site too. We’ve uploaded lots of new projects for you to discover too. Please click around and explore!