11-13 Crosswall Town Planning Consent

July 2019

GarnettArchitecture’s proposal to revamp 11-13 Crosswall London EC3 has received Town planning approval from City of London. The scheme prepared on behalf of Columbia Threadneedle involves replacement of existing cladding with a new terracotta rain screen. Existing window frames will be sprayed dark to match the cladding and framed with contrasting aluminium box frames. The corner void at the junction of Crosswall and Vine Street will incorporate  a ‘Living Wall’ system to provide a planting feature which will be artificially lit at night. Re-branding of the existing building will provide eye catching presence viewed from America Square. The proposal seeks to differentiate the building from the mega scale Roman Wall House scheme which is being redeveloped on the adjacent site. Small but different, the forward looking ‘quirky ’ proposal has been designed to appeal to the office SME occupier market.