Bloomsbury Festival 2023

October 2023

GarnettArchitecture are proud to be supporting The Bloomsbury Festival from 13 – 22 October, featuring over 100 events including theatre, music, exhibitions, talks and walks. The events are presented by numerous creative partners from Bloomsbury’s local community which includes leading universities, communities from across the world, a high proportion of young people both resident and visiting students, talent emerging from the UK’s leading art, theatre and music academies, and some of the country’s leading science and medical teams.

The 2023 festival theme Grow has a direct relationship to the talent development opportunities on offer as well as to the festival’s wide and varied programme of music, theatre, art, walks and talks which make up festival events, all of which have been inspired by one of many interpretations of the theme, and by the festival’s New Bloomsbury Set project -a cultural reimagining of Bloomsbury in the 21st century.